Good things happening at Mathison Park

Thank you to the Council for putting the new carpark on the capital works program for this year. It is a great addition to the facilities at the park. Now that there are extra parking spaces there will be no excuses for parking other than in the designated places.
The Mathison Park Advisory Committee is in the throes of reviewing the park’s management plan. We would like the public to send us their ideas for how the park could be developed over the next ten years. The Committee members and Friends of Mathison Park have ideas, but we would like to hear from you. The working bee for August was attended by a small but willing and enthusiastic group of volunteers.
The bollards which had been taken out to do the car park were replaced.
Around the playground area some dirt was spread near the pool of water that has been accumulating. Why this is happening is being investigated and a solution will be found.
Then it was off to what we fondly call Kookaburra Corner - the far south east corner of the park below the Kurnai oval. Here some clearing of dead branches, blackberries and other debris into a pile for burning was achieved, along with dismantling an old fence.
It is planned to plant more trees and understorey in this space, creating a wildlife corridor with other plantings nearby.
Thanks to Faye for chocolate muffins and Andy for timtams for morning tea which was richly deserved following the hard work put in by those present.
For further information contact Ruth on 5122 1961.